Arte Transformador

The second purpose of the dances is study. Some Movements contain a proof in them, a definite knowledge, or religious and philosophical ideas. In some of them one can even read a recipe to prepare some dish. In many areas of the East, the inner contents of this or that dance is now almost forgotten, but people continue dancing it just out of habit.

Therefore, the Movements have two objectives: study and development."

Arte Transformador

Gurdjieff’s comments on art and Movements

"As is with everything, so it is with Movements."

-G. I. Gurdjieff-

"You ask about the purpose of the Movements. Each position of the body corresponds to a certain internal state and, on the other hand, each internal state corresponds to a certain position. Throughout his life, a human being has a certain number of habitual positions that he adopts without paying attention to what is in between.