Los Movimiento

Sacred Dances have been considered an essential subject of study in all esoteric schools of the East, as much in ancient times as nowadays, preserving their deep religious and scientific meaning in a real sense. The movements that make them up have a double aim – they express and contain certain knowledge, an unknown dimension that reveals what is hidden for ordinary man and, simultaneously, serve as method to obtain a harmonious state of being. The combinations of these movements express different sensations, produce several degrees of concentration of thought, create necessary efforts in different functions, and show the possibilities of individual force.


"It is necessary for you to observe yourself in a different way from the way you do in your daily life. It is necessary to have a different attitude, not the one that you have had until now. You know where your attitudes have taken you so far. It makes no sense to continue this way. I do not have any desire to work with you if you remain as you are now. You want knowledge, but what you have obtained until now has not been knowledge, it has only been a mechanical collection of information. It is knowledge outside yourself, not inside. It does not have any value. What is important for you is that what you know was previously created by someone? You have not created it, so this knowledge is of little value."


Sensación de Sí Mismo

If you wish to venture inside yourself, you must find the correct physical position; otherwise you will not be able to maintain your effort for a long time. This is only possible when all the parts of the body are relaxed and centered around an axis. The vertical column holds the head and internal organs along a single line which connects it to the center of attraction of the earth. It is then possible to gather the attention of all the parts of the body in one place, without it diffusing among the different limbs and organs of perception. So what was before a sense of ordinary consciousness, fragmented and often illusory, becomes an extremely sensitive central vibration which can be truly called "sense of self".