Danzas para la Mente

"The dances are for the mind. They give nothing to the soul; the soul does not need anything. A dance has a certain meaning; every movement has a certain content."

-G. I. Gurdjieff-

"One moves the movement and forgets the movement; this is not the movement itself."

Trabajo con Uno Mismo

There are three lines of Work: Work on oneself, Work in relation to others, and Work in connection with the Work itself and the self in relation to it.

Unless a person Works on himself, the second line of Work remains theoretical and imaginary. Work on oneself brings in all of what this Works teaches in a practical manner and is a necessary starting point. Work on ourselves helps us understand how we can live more consciously in everyday issues. Generally, we are continually identified with something. Life conquers us throughout the day and it extracts all conscious power from us. It is necessary to discover something in us that prevents this from happening, that is, prevent the events of our lives from drawing out all our strength through identification and internal consideration.

Viviendo la Tradición Oral

How is this meaning and language sought and passed on? How is it perceived by those who participate in a Movements class? This is where the question of an oral tradition arises. It is through this tradition that the study of the Movements has been passed on -and continues to be- in a joint work that nests itself in the present moment; active, alive, dynamic.