You are an active part during the trip. Each time we get to a city, you will always have time to “be on your own” in case you don’t wish or don’t need to be with the group; as if you were alone, while knowing that you are under the care of the coordinator.

Traveling with a coordinator has an added value: practical issues are his responsibility; you can rely on him, you are taken care of. This way, you have the chance to get to places where you may not have been able to get to by yourself, but once you are there, you choose your company.

The flexibility of our proposal asks, in turn, for flexibility and receptivity on the part of the travelers. If an inconvenience or something unexpected arises, you are invited to look at it from a fresh viewpoint, a more positive one, integrating everything as part of the trip you wish to make. In this sense, Uttam, as your coordinator, will not be there to meet your expectations but to support new experiences. When you are back at home, you will surely have all of your usual comforts again.

Openness to this experience, full of happenings, sensations and characters, will be the guideline we will follow throughout the trip and the one we will attempt to remember, so that we may dive with totality into a unique celebration experience in the form of impressions.

India, Nepal and Tibet can be optimal places to begin to live life with openness and self-remembering – a chance to grow. You are Invited.