During our journeys, Uttam will always accompany the groups as a coordinator. It is worth mentioning that Uttam is not a professional guide nor means to be one – he is simply a lover of the East – an experienced traveler who knows how to manage in these trips, which should always be flexible. What he wishes is to share what he loves and considers beautiful.

We aim to make a trip “alone, all together” in which there will be a space for aloneness and a space to be within a group, according to what each person wishes or needs. This makes every trip different; it makes each group discover different places and meet different people; it makes contact with the local populations possible.

Contrary to usual organized trips, Uttam wishes to share the intensity of the streets of countries like India, Nepal, Tibet; full of contrasts, impressions; countries that ask you to relax. For him, these countries are, besides monuments and temples, above all, streets and people in them.

It is true that traveling with all the details worked out beforehand solves many things, but this results in the loss of a great part of the essence of what “traveling” means. ‘Space’ is needed. Thus, Uttam manages the trip as coordinator, always for the good of the group, with care, but a certain dynamics is sought in which the whole group may participate through flexibility and, perhaps, in taking decisions that may be called for, so that it may be a trip where we all have an active attitude and take responsibility – we travel together.