The idea behind the trips we offer is to provide you with a limitless experience; without impositions, without restrictions, so that you may be yourself; it is your trip.

What we propose is simple: a group of travelers is formed, arranging beforehand only what is necessary – flights, possible lodging, possible travel means – and following a prearranged route. Then, we jump together into the adventure that traveling is; traveling in a different way, in a more integrating manner at the country of destination and in its environment; getting to know new cultures and customs, and coexisting to whatever degree possible with people in the streets, at their own pace.

It is our intention that our expenditures benefit the native population directly, favoring and fostering the development of local economies and always treating the people, the environs and nature with utmost respect.

Throughout the trip, occasionally and for those who wish to participate, we will organize activities that support group cohesion, receptivity to incoming impressions, attention and self-balance, such as Vispassana, Active Meditation, Gurdjieff Dances and ideas for self-observation and presence.