You are an active part during the trip. Each time we get to a city, you will always have time to “be on your own” in case you don’t wish or don’t need to be with the group; as if you were alone, while knowing that you are under the care of the coordinator.

INDIA is not just geography or history. India is not just a nation, a country, a mere piece of land. India is something more: a metaphor; it is poetry, something invisible yet very tangible. India is vibrating with certain energy fields that no other place can claim to have.

India is disconcerting. The country with the highest increase in mobile phone purchases is also home to 40% of the world’s fauna, and the only natural habitat of tigers. At the same time, its population of over one thousand million makes it the second most densely populated country on earth. The biggest democracy in the world is also the most religious country in the world.

India is amazing. How can one interpret this country? Which is the India one must watch: contemporary India, traditional India, or eternal India? Can we talk about a single India… or maybe we should address it in plural?