Clear Vision

Vipassana means looking inward or see reality as it is, not as we would like it to be. The technique of Vipassana meditation causes a radical change in our personal world, a transformation in the way we see ourselves and others. The cultivation of the mind and mental contents by rehearsing introspection is a tool that will reveal a sharp, unpolluted mind. It teaches the art of living moment to moment.

Meditación Activa

The Art of Ecstasy

A human being is like a seed of enormous potential – the seed of a Buddha. Every person is born to be his own teacher, but there are very few beings who make use of this potential; who transform their lives into conscious development.

Meditation is the science of “self-realization”. It is not a system of beliefs or a doctrine or an intellectual answer to any question. Meditation is an internal state where the only thing that exists is sheer conscience of reality as it is.