Clear Vision

Vipassana means looking inward or see reality as it is, not as we would like it to be. The technique of Vipassana meditation causes a radical change in our personal world, a transformation in the way we see ourselves and others. The cultivation of the mind and mental contents by rehearsing introspection is a tool that will reveal a sharp, unpolluted mind. It teaches the art of living moment to moment.

We are all familiar with the joys and disappointments that make our daily existence. Caught in the shackles of emotions and neurotic attachments, we know that something is wrong. Life hurts. But there is another reality, another way of living. What can we do with the tangle of emotions and thoughts accumulated over the years? Vipassana uses all the mental content as a precious treasure. Insight meditation dilutes, consumes and eventually eliminates the tension, the frustration and the pain that obscures and defiles our lives.

Everyone, regardless of their religious beliefs, can practice this process of mental purification. With practice, anyone willing to follow this process will restore true warmth, will clear out mental pollutants, and will develop the conditions for full mental health. Insight meditation shows us who we are, what we are and what we could become.

The technique is simple, systematic and straightforward. The work is aimed at trying to observe the mental activity naturally, without clinging to anything, with mindfulness and a clear understanding of what is happening at the present moment. Meditation is not a goal; it is an instrument to free us from the bonds that clog the mind. During the investigation, no mental attitude that arises in one’s consciousness is suppressed. Unlike our usual reaction in the perception of everyday life, the training period lacks ethical content; the nature of physical and mental phenomena is observed just as it is.

It is a step by step, nonaggressive and gentle practice to clarify the operation of mental processes. As a result, insight knowledge arises spontaneously in the mind of the meditator.