Meditación Activa

The Art of Ecstasy

A human being is like a seed of enormous potential – the seed of a Buddha. Every person is born to be his own teacher, but there are very few beings who make use of this potential; who transform their lives into conscious development.

Meditation is the science of “self-realization”. It is not a system of beliefs or a doctrine or an intellectual answer to any question. Meditation is an internal state where the only thing that exists is sheer conscience of reality as it is.

In Meditation Retreats and Meditative Therapies we explore, within the laboratory of our own inner space, a unique collection of active and passive Meditation Techniques rooted in different traditions and employed for years by thousands of people throughout the world.

These methods - designed and adapted for present-day seekers - are a way of caring for your inner as well as your outer self.

Each Meditation program begins with physical activity, breathing, movement, self-expression, visualizations and dance, followed by relaxation and stillness. It is in this state of relaxation that Meditation can take place; you are simple aware of sensations, thoughts and emotions with complete acceptance and without judgments.

How do these Meditation techniques work?

These methods dissolve accumulated tensions from everyday life which block the natural flow of your body’s energy, affect the way you think and the way you relate to others.

These techniques allow you to be more natural, more relaxed; they provide an opportunity to taste a natural, simple, effortless and undeniably vital silence.

Who is this work for?

This work is specially designed for people who wish to bring a new quality of relaxation, joy and vitality to their lives

for those who not only take care of their physical health but also wish to feel well inside

for those who want to re-discover flexibility and openness without depending on others


for those with or without experience in Meditation.

“Silence must happen while you are completely alive, full of life and energy. Then, silence makes sense.”