Meditación Vychara

The Search for Being

At birth, you are born into a state of "Tabula Rasa", totally empty – you are Being. But from that very moment on, everyone gives you names and labels; society conditions you and creates a personality that surrounds your essence. You slowly accept what others say you are, thus forgetting your true face.

Man’s true nature is consciousness, and this state does not depend on what you do, on your behavior; it requires no practice. So what is the sense of searching, of making efforts, of using techniques? What is missing? The only thing missing is that you recognize yourself, and for this to happen, you need a mirror where you can see the reflection of your original face and hence remember who you are.

Vychara Meditation, or Proper Inquiry, is the diamond.

Find out who has never come and will never leave.

The inquiry is presence itself: Who am I?

This is the only question that does not lead to suffering.

Inquiry is love of Being.

Inquire and experience who it is that shines through your face.

Look inside you to the immutable.

Vychara is a special vision.

You do not see through your eyes but through Being.

It is Being that sees Being.

The inquiry helps relinquish identification with the mind, body and emotions, making it possible to open the path to direct experience; it is not about observing but about Being.

In Vychara Meditation retreats, the participants have but one fundamental question – the question of all questions. It is a period of intense investigation with only one aim – a glimpse of no-mindedness or the inner Buddha – using the question or Koan: Who am I? It is part of a process where a rigorous structure and total focus throughout your stay support the passion and intensity of your search.

Vychara hence becomes a true "therapeutic hammer" that lets the participants free themselves from identification by helping them go through the layers of personality to the ultimate source where the mind can dissolve into Being.