Anapana Sati Yoga

The Kind Look

Anapana Sati Yoga, the meditation through breathing, was the first method of meditation expounded by the Buddha in his speech about the foundation of attention. Buddha gave special emphasis to this meditation because, according to him, it is the gateway to awakening. It is said that as he sat at the foot of the Bodhi Tree and resolved not to get up until he attained enlightenment, he took Anapana Sati Yoga as the object of his meditation.

Meditación Vychara

The Search for Being

At birth, you are born into a state of "Tabula Rasa", totally empty – you are Being. But from that very moment on, everyone gives you names and labels; society conditions you and creates a personality that surrounds your essence. You slowly accept what others say you are, thus forgetting your true face.